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This is an exciting web site. We will be sharing a lot of other interesting "JUNK" info. 
You can reach us anytime at info@junkjunkies.com

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Need more room for stuff you've been collecting?
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~Clutter any more! ~Sweat at the flea market! ~Quick cover when it rains  ~Waste a weekend at a garage or yard sale!   We are here to help!
All you need with
JUNKJunkies.com is a camera!

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What all are you looking for?
Old cars? Used tools? Commercial Equpiment? Antiques? Space things? Racing Stuff?  Nick Nacks? or just a little This N' That?
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Who are we?

Well folks, I 've been putting off getting rid of stuff my family doesn't want. SOooo, I have decided I have to get rid of things pretty darn quick and I have invited friends to do the same. Come to find out, there are a lot of other folks out there who have lots of things they want to get rid of. Some of them are even looking for things they want and can't find. So we are putting together this web site for all of you who want to the same thing. So get ready to buy, sell, trade or give away anything you want.  We will also having unusual things, like "junk food" recipes, crafty ideas, and such.

Service Area: As Far As We Can Reach.

We are looking forward to adding  NEIGHBORHOOD TREASURE'S page just for your Vintage & Antiques.

Contact me in Titusville, Florida, to request more information about anything.